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Here at La Fédération des parents de l’Î.-P.-É. inc. most of our content is published in French. We want to take a more active role in supporting anglophone parents who we know want to be involved in their child’s education as much as a francophone parent would.  Here is a list of language translation tools and French language courses to help you keep an open and clear communication between yourself, your children and the school! 

GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Many of you know about Google translate which is available on the Internet. Google Translate is an app which translates any written words into the language of choice. This option is easy to use when you receive a written message from your child’s teacher either in the agenda or by e-mail and there is a particular word, sentence or even paragraph that you don’t understand.  You simply type the message into the “text box” and Google will translate it in English or in the language of choice. 

GOOGLE TRANSLATE APP: Google translate has upgraded and now has an application for your phone using its camera to instantly translate written words in the language of your choice.  Check it out! 

iTRANSLATE LENS: iTranslate Lens is another application which is available on your iPhone which is similar to the new Google Translate app.  It enables you to take a photo or scan any French document and translates it automatically in English or in the language of choice. This is handy if your child’s school still sends paper newsletters or forms at home.  Just Point, Snap, Translate!

iTRANSLATE VOICE: iTranslate Voice is a new application, again, available on your iPhone which instantly translates what you say or what another person says into many languages. This means you could attend any French conference or meeting and get direct translation in English. This app also lets you create your own, personalized and custom Phrasebook to stay prepared for any situation. It is a great tool to help you out in any situation where you want the staff to keep speaking to you in French inside of the school. 

While these translation tools help, remember that it is possible for you to learn the French language as a parent and there are many options available for you!

SURVIVAL FRENCH FOR PARENTS: The first of those French classes is called Survival French for Parents and is provided by La Fédération des parents de l’ÎPÉ. Survival French is typically offered in the 6 PEI French school-community centres. The classes are designed specifically to help you as an anglophone parent of a child who attends one of the 6 French schools on the Island. Call your child’s school and talk directly to the Francisation teacher about when the class will be offered during the school year.


College del'Ile-LOGO STACKED COLLEGE DE L’ÎLE: The second option is to enrol in the French Language Training evening classes offered by Le College de l’Ile. The program includes beginner, intermediate, advanced as well as upgrading levels.  Courses are help every season in Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague and Deblois for a duration of 11 weeks.

duolingo-english-learningDUOLINGO: If you are looking for something lighter and not as time consuming, there an application called Dualingo where their 5-minute game-like lessons teach you not only speaking but reading and writing in French. The best part of this application is that it is FREE.

iTRANSLATE LINGO:  Like Dualingo, this is a 5 minute per day lesson where you will learn 4 French words a day through different exercises. 

BON PATRON XPRESS: Finaly, Bon Patron Xpress is 40 hours of learning French through vocabulary, pronunciation strategies and basic grammatical concepts.

Remember that you can always get your children to teach you something new every day! Value their effort and knowledge of the French language. You could write a word, an expression or a sentence of the day/week on the fridge or have one meal per week where only French is spoken.  Have fun as a family with the language. Listen to your children read in French and try to learn through the illustrations and repetitive vocabulary. 


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