TV/Video in French

A list of Websites for French TV and videos ( ) (Radio-Canada)

This is CBC in French, lots of content that you can stream. It is available on many different platforms, there is a comprehensive list here:

There is a category on the Website called « Zone jeunesse » with lots of kids shows. It can be found here:

There is also this second page with shows for kids:


TVA ( )

This site also has some shows for kids. You have to scroll down the page and look for the section called « Jeunesse ». Some recommended shows that you can search by name are: are: l’Heure Bleue, Boomerang, La vraie nature, Ça finit bien la semaine, Blue Moon, l’Échappée, l’Imposteur, Au secours de Béatrice.

Here is the direct link:


Télé-Québec ( )

If you click the link above, there is a section for families and kids. As you scroll down the page, you will see a section called « pour la famille » (for the family) and then « Pour les petits » (For small children ». You will be able to judge what would be best for your child. Here are some recommendations that you could try : 100% animal, Le dernier passager, C’est du sport, Cochon Dingue, Les argonautes, Subito Texto, Tactik.



Unis Tv ( )

This Website has lots of good shows for teens and preteens. If you are on the main page, there is an option to « filtrer par catégorie ». If you click Jeunesse, you will find these shows.


TFO ( )

French television from Ontario. There is a « fr »/ »eng » toggle button at the top of the page where you can read descriptions of the shows in English and then switch over to play them in French.


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