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Here at La Fédération des parents de l’Î.-P.-É. inc. most of our content is published in French. We want to take a more active role in supporting anglophone parents who we know want to be involved in their child’s education as much as a francophone parent would.

One of the tips we can offer is to suggest that you copy paste content from other pages into Google translate to get the idea of what things are about, BUT… this page will be all in English and we are hoping to do some weekly updates!

As a pilot project and based on parent feedback here is some content that may be helpful.


1. Play and learn! 

child reading FPIPE.jpg

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Is your child presently enrolled in Kindergarten in a French-language school?  As you know, knowing the letters and sounds of the French alphabet is important for learning how to read and write in French. We strongly encourage you to use this educational website on a regular basis at home with your child.   Kids learn best while playing. So turn up the sound and have fun while learning!

*Note that this website works on a desktop.



2. Here is a list of TV/Videos accessible on the Web: TV/Video


3. Glen Taylor is a resource person who has visited us on PEI to offer support to parents in the past.


Glen Taylor has written FUSION a easy to read book full of information for parents whose children attend a minority francophone school in Canada. To know more about FUSION or to order your own copy for $18 click here.

Here is his Website full of info and ideas for parents: http://www.francophoneeducation.ca/

*La Fédération has a few copies of this book that you can borrow for free also.





4. Here is a 44 minute CBC documentary “In French S.V.P”

It gives us a glimpse into the contemporary life of one Acadian family living in Halifax, Nova Scotia which struggles to keep its language and culture alive.  This family shows us how parents can make everyday choices that will make a huge impact in their children’s learning and use of the French language

*Note that this family is linguistically mixed where one parent is francophone and the other is anglophone.   In French S.V.P



5. You are interested in learning to speak French but don’t know where to start? Here are some options for you.

learn photo

Source: pixabay.com

Option 1: In collaboration with us, La Fédération des parents de l’Î.-P.-É, Survival French workshops or beginner conversational French classes are offered at different times in all 6 francophone school-community centres .

Option 2: Le Collège de l’Île offers various levels of their French language training during the evening in the following regions : Summerside, Charlottetown, Deblois and Montague.  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced as well as Upgrading classes are offered.  Next semester begins the week of January 21st 2019.

Option 3: Check out these 8 language learning apps and download the one that is right for you! (Plus they are free!)

Option 4: Organize a time where your child (and spouse if he/she speaks French too) teaches you something new!  It can be once a week, or everyday at the dinner table, or even right before bedtime.  Create your own daily or weekly francophone « bubble » time where you can learn from your own children and spouse.  Have fun as a family!


6.  Add some French music in the house

music photo

To add some French music in the house that children for age 0 – 9 years old enjoy (and possibly already know from daycare and school),  type the following names and titles into youtube or simply click on the names to be guided directly to each page. 



7. Tip du jour

Develop your children’s language skills by reading aloud and conversing as often as possible. If you can not read in French, read, read, read in English as the literacy concepts are transferable to both languages! 


8. Important Francophone events on PEI

10004057_462229870574089_8491861584928504343_nLe Salon du livre de l’ÎPÉ is the biggest francophone book fair that caters to children, youth, adults, families as well as francophone and French-immersion schools of Prince Edward Island.  The 4th edition of Le Salon du livre de l’IPE will take place from June 6 to 8 2019 at the Carrefour de l’Isle Saint-Jean in Charlottetown.  The three days will be jam-packed with opportunities to meet renowned French-Canadian authors and illustrators, buy an array of high quality French books from various editors and participate in various literary activities during the day and evenings.

In case of questions, please contact Rachel Lapointe, President

Phone: (902) 940-6090 / salondulivreipe@gmail.com 



LES JEUX DE L’ACADIE , where 9 francophone delegations (PEI being one of them) made up of kids aged 10 to 17 years old from the Maritimes compete against each other in various sports such as badminton, track and field, handball, volleyball, mountain bike and ultimate Frisbee! There is also an improv and artistic event that has recently been added to the competitionThis year, les Jeux de l’Acadie will be celebrating their 40 years of existence and will be hosted from June 26-30 2019 by the communities of Grand Falls/Drummond in New Brunswick.


This all-in-French event celebrates and develops in your child : 

  • Francophone pride outside of school,
  • Leadership skills,
  • Collaboration, Competition and Sportsmanship skills
  • Cultural identity,
  • Lasting Friendships

*Note that before making it to Les Jeux de l’Acadie, your child must compete at the Regional games in order to make it into the PEI delegation team. Ask your child if he/she is presently training for the Regional games at school or if he is interested in participating.  Don’t hesitate to call the Physical Education teacher to require more information.



Le Congrès Mondial Acadien (CMA) is an international gathering filled with activities , demonstrations and shows that ultimately strengthen the ties that unite all Acadian communities throughout the world, from France to North America!  The CMA is also an opportunity to welcome all those who are interested in l’Acadie.  For the very first time in 25 years, Prince Edward Island will host the Congrès Mondial Acadien!  This is very exciting for our communities since we have witnessed entire communities in Maine, Louisiana and Nova Scotia being transformed and united due to this grand event.  Mark August 10-24 2019 in your calendars…14 days of dynamic culture, identity building and guaranteed fun for the entire family!


9. Literacy activities for kids in Grade 1 and 2

This website called Du plaisir à lire will introduce to your child 5 different characters each offering 9 different literacy activities.  Have fun!


10. Tip du jour

Show and tell how proud you are of your child who is learning French or speaking French.   Tell relatives when you know your child will overhear and tell your child directly!


11. Science website and magazine for kids and teens

fullsizeoutput_2444LES EXPLORATEURS is a fun website with videos, activities, science experiments, games, quizzes and contests for kids from 6 to 10 years old.

The magazine LES EXPLORATEURS talks about animals, nature, the environment, technology and far away countries.  In every number you will find an easy and fun science experiment, a recipe or an arts and crafts project to do.  Collectible sheets are included. $42.95 for 11 magazines.


fullsizeoutput_2445LES DÉBROUILLARDS is a fun website with videos, activities, science experiments and games, quizzes and contests for kids from 10 to 14 years old.

You can also subscribe to the the magazine LES DÉBROUILLARDS that gives information about nature, space, the environment, technology, communications, history and the future.  In every number, there are new and fun science experiments, games, comics and illustrated reporting. $42.95 for 11 magazines


fullsizeoutput_2443CURIUM is a website for teenagers (14+).  Science, Technology, Health (mental and physical), and International issues are all covered on their page.  Curium is also on Instagram and has a blog page.

The magazine CURIUM is all about Science, Technology and Society for teenagers aged 14 to 17 years old. In every number, you will find articles on issues that affect today’s youth, chronicles on new technologies, solutions to environmental problems, international scientific news, video game reviews and great comics! $42.95 for 11 magazines.


12. Kindergarten registration at la Commission scolaire de langue française de l’ÎPÉ (PEI French school board) for 2019-2020 school year

  • Child must be born in 2014
  • You are asked to register your child at your local francophone school during school hours. (Deblois, Évangéline, Summerside, Rustico, Charlottetown or Rollo Bay)
  • A registration form will be completed at the time of registration with the school principal or secretary.
  • You will need two pieces of information to verify proof of child’s age (Birth certificate, PEI health card)

Questions? Call the Commission scolaire de langue française at 1-902-854-297549189231_1961039877328223_4868376383845302272_o


13. « How can you help your kids succeed in French if you can’t understand their work? »


Source: kaboompics.com

Mother and writer, Rae Ann Fera understood that not being able to help her child with her French homework after Grade 2 could be uncomfortable and alienating.  Because of this, she became fixated on the question : « How can you help your kids succeed in school if you can’t understand their work?”  She explains in her article that she realizes now that it’s less about you being French and knowing all of the answers but more about equipping them with learning skills and life skills all while helping them build onto their French/bilingual identity.



14. Tip du jour

Help protect and respect the French environment at daycare/school and with French speaking people in the community.  As you enter the daycare/school, say « Bonjour ! Comment ça va?». As you exit, say “Merci! Aurevoir!”  If you can speak French, speak it. 


15. Scholastic Reading Club 

fullsizeoutput_2446Éditions Scholastic Canada understands the fact that here in Canada, some parents of children attending French language schools, are Anglophone and that they are the ones to buy and choose French books for them.  Parents want to make the best decision for their kids and be able to offer lots of choices in books..well, Scholastic Reading Club (Club de lecture Scholastic) has made a few changes to their catalogue to help these parents!img_e6757

You will notice on the very top and very bottom of each Scholastic Reading Club catalogue (Club de lecture Scholastic) that a short description in English of book suggestions by theme and reading level has been added.  For a detailed description in English of each French book for sale in the featured month’s catalogue, visit their book notes!   And of course, for guaranteed recommendations never hesitate to contact your child’s teacher directly.



16.  Did you know that French-language schools have two mandates? 

These two mandates are mandatory to all teachers working in a French-language school.  The second mandate’s goal is to support the development of the French-linguistic minority communities.

Mandate 1: Construction of knowledge and identity

Mandate 2: Promotion and development of the language and culture.


17. French organizations for kids and teens

154760_127661903960813_7253413_nCap Enfants actively contributes to the well-being of children and their families. This organization’s mission is to offer help and resources to Acadian and francophone families on PEI that have kids age 0-6. What a great opportunity to enrich your baby or child’s life skills by exposing him/her  to French language activities.

Check out their website or their Facebook page for their all-in-French weekly activity calendar which offers a diverse programming (EX: cooking class, baby club, exercise group, game group, read-alouds, etc.).


jaflipe logoJAFLIPLE stands for Jeunesse Acadienne et Francophone de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard. This provincial organization if managed by and for young acadians, francophones and youth that can speak french age 12 – 25.   Their mission is to offer various opportunities for them to live, prosper and lead in the French language.

Check out their website and encourage your teenager to get involved in this community group!


18.Tip du jour

Tap yourself on the back for providing a life-changing opportunity for your child and for contributing to regaining a cultural heritage which is fragile or lost in your community.


19.  What is a soirée « Voir Grand » and why should all parents attend?

Logo Voir Grand

Voir Grand (which translates to « Dream Big ») activities are interactive and fun evenings which aim to support families in creating a home and a community where they can feel proud of their French identity – whether this is in a French speaking family, a bilingual family, or an Anglophone family.  In other words, these evenings are helpful for ALL parents and kids attending a French-language daycare or school.

During a Voir Grand session, practical ideas, key messages and tools are delivered to parents to help with their children’s language development and sense of belonging. You will leave better understanding what a crucial role you play, as a parent, when it comes to building your children’s francophone identity.   Never forget, that you are not alone in this responsibility! In order to « Dream Big », three groups have to work together:

  1. The home (parents / grand-parents/kids)
  2. The daycare and the school (Teachers, Educators, Staff) 
  3. The community (school-community centre staff)

Although every Voir Grand evening is different (having different age groups and goals in mind throughout the year) it often follows this format :

  • Supper together
  • Fun activities/games/ in French for kids (supervised by teachers & educators)
  • Key message and tools delivered to parents by a knowledgeable spokesperson 
  • Gathering of the kids and adults
  • Gift given to every family who participated (EX : french CD, board game, book, etc.)

The 6 French language school-community centres on PEI are leaders when it comes to hosting these innovative Voir Grand evenings.  We have already seen great results in many of the children and parents that have participated in these evenings.

*You can call the principal or the Francisation teacher at your child’s daycare/school to get more information on when the next « Voir Grand » will take place.


20. Math websites

Here is a directory with two dozen different math websites depending on your child’s school Grade or ability (from Grade 1 to 6).



21.Tip du jour

Provide your child with opportunities to speak French outside of the classroom.  Ideas include: participate in your community-centre activities, hire a French babysitter, visit French-speaking relatives and friends, enrol your child to a French summer camp, take a trip as a family where French is the majority language, etc.


22. Myth vs Fact – Bilingual language development


23. School parent committee

The parent committee’s role is to represent the interests of parents and their children with the French School Board as well as strengthen their relationship with the school.  Your child’s school has a parent committee that meets once a month where the principal of the  school is often present at the table and where ideas, needs, opinions and information can be shared.  Find out who your parent committee president is and ask how you can get involved.  The active involvement and volunteering from parents is needed in various forms throughout the school-year!   


Stay tuned for regular updates on this page!


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