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Here at La Fédération des parents de l’Î.-P.-É. inc. most of our content is published in French. We want to take a more active role in supporting anglophone parents who we know want to be involved in their child’s education as much as a francophone parent would.

One of the tips we can offer is to suggest that you copy paste content from other pages into Google translate to get the idea of what things are about, BUT… this page will be all in English and we are hoping to do some regular updates.

As a pilot project and based on parent feedback here is some content that may be helpful.


1. Play and learn! 

child reading FPIPE.jpg

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Is your child presently enrolled in Kindergarten in a French-language school?  As you know, knowing the letters and sounds of the French alphabet is important for learning how to read and write in French. We strongly encourage you to use this educational website on a regular basis at home with your child.   Kids learn best while playing. So turn up the sound and have fun while learning!

*Note that this website works best on a desktop.


2. Here is a list of TV/Videos accessible on the Web: TV/Video

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Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


3. Glen Taylor is a resource person who has visited us on PEI to offer support to parents in the past.


Glen Taylor has written FUSION a easy to read book full of information for parents whose children attend a minority francophone school in Canada. To know more about FUSION or to order your own copy for $18 click here.

Here is his Website full of info and ideas for parents: http://www.francophoneeducation.ca/


4. Here is a 44 minute CBC documentary “In French S.V.P”

It gives us a glimpse into the contemporary life of one Acadian family living in Halifax, Nova Scotia which struggles to keep its language and culture alive.  This family shows us how parents can make everyday choices that will make a huge impact in their children’s learning and use of the French language

*Note that this family is linguisticaly mixed where one parent is francophone and the other is anglophone.   In french S.V.P



Photo source: pixabay.com 

Stay tuned for weekly updates on this page!